If it rains several days during the week you may be skipped completely that week.  We do not want to ruin any lawns and it is difficult to make up every lawn before the next scheduled mow date.  The crew works late and on weekends to try to catch up but sometimes can not get to every lawn. 

Updates and Rain Policy

Rain Policy

If your lawn is skipped one week because of weather, on your next scheduled mow, the crew may need to bag the clippings.  It is not healthy and it does not look nice if clippings are left on the lawn.  Because of the extra time, bags and disposal, there will be a minimal charge for bagging ($5-$10).  Bagging is left up to the crew’s discretion and you will not be notified in advance. 

Please call the office if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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If it rains any day during the week you may be off schedule and pushed forward one day.  For example, if it rains Monday and you are a Friday mow, if the crew can not catch up before Friday, you will be mowed on Saturday.  You will not be notified of the schedule change.

2020 Lawn Agreements will be going out at the end of January.

​​Thank you for your business.